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Haoyou means love to travel

About us

We are a couple, Canadian and Chinese, who love to travel. In recent years we particularly love taking road trips. Driving thousands of miles on a trip gives us the flexibility to see unlimited, unending, ever-changing, spectacular places, sometimes unexpectedly.

Nature has a magnetic appeal to us. Confucius said, “The wise enjoy the sea, the humane enjoy the mountains” (translated by Charles Muller). While both the ocean and the mountain call us year round, we find every opportunity to go and see them. We love our homebase on Vancouver Island, the Canadian West Coast province of British Columbia, our dear country Canada, the vast and amazing North America, and this beautiful world where we all belong. We hope to gain both wisdom and humanity through nature.

We also always find time to appreciate culture, urban landscape, and local ways of life. When we go to a place, we aim to stay longer, explore more, and learn to feel more like locals.

Photography goes hand in hand with our travels. On average for every kilometer we have traveled, there is one photo taken. On this website, we want to present the best of what we have seen with our writing, photos, and videos. We invite you to buckle up and enjoy a ride with us!